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Adding Reverse Lights Wiring Diagram. Do not direct wire lights into the stock reverse light circuit that will draw more than 10 amps max without using a relay. Use a relay with two wires going to the switch side of the relay.

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Hey guys new to the forum here but Ive got a question. You my have gotten the ground wire off your reverse light. Want Bright Back Up Lights.

If you take a test light to the wire you spliced into does it light up the test light when you put it in reverse.

To do this you will want to install a 5-pin connector on the trailer and on the tow vehicle. Multiple Light Wiring Diagram. There are many options but I recommend installing the Hopkins Endurance 5-way Flat Wiring Kit HM47890 for a uniform look. I dont really want to wire a switch so they are on when I want.