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Adjustable Temp Control Relay Wiring Diagrams. PAGE 4 OPTIONAL RELAY OVERRIDES TEMP SENSOR AND TURNS ON FANS WHEN AC IS TURNED ON BATTERY 86 30 87 85 86 30 87 85 Optional override switch turns on fan by-passing temp sensor and AC relay. Place the 120 VAC supply L1 Black wire on Terminal 2.

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Long Gray Wire from relay post 86 connects to switched 12-volt power like ignition switch so horn or fan turns onoff with key. 2 Take the thermostat probe and insert it into th e radiator fins carefully as not to. If none is available these diagrams show suggested methods of attaching and wiring the Level-Temp Silent Operator control.

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28082018 28082018 1 Comments on Imperial Adjustable Thermostatic Fan Control Wiring Diagram Hayden Automotive Adjustable Thermostatic Fan Control. Place the White L2 wire on Terminal 3 and place the Black Motor Load wire on Terminal 1 See Diagram A. ADJUSTABLE FAN THERMOSTAT WITH RELAY INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1 Mount the thermostatrelay assembly under th e hood in a convenient location as close to the fan as possible making sure that the black wire is well grounded using one of the mounting screws. FAN POWER AND GROUND.